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Utilities and Rates

Utilities and rates

Alaska has 71 retail utility providers:

  • 19 Cooperatives
  • 21 Municipal Providers
  • 19 investor-owned (IOU’s)
  • 12 Political Subdivisions (includes Tribal utilities)

Industrial cost range: 7.88 to 38.99 cents/kWH

Commercial cost range: 9.72 to 54.60 cents/kWH

1 utility of 71 offers a “green” pricing program (The Green Power Network)

CHP Policy and Incentives Development

CHP Policy & Incentives

Clean energy installations in Alaska

Sites with clean energy: 96

Total installed megawatts: 471.5

Sample companies and facilities using clean energy:


  • E.C. Phillips
  • Kennecott Copper
  • Kodiak Oilfield Haulers, Inc.
  • Westward Seafoods, Inc.
  • Columbia-Ward Fisheries


  • Fort Greely
  • University of Alaska, Fairbanks
  • Fort Yukon Wastewater Treatment
  • Galena Electric Utility
  • Aurora Energy LLC

Alaska Energy Statistics 1960 – 2011 (November 2012)

The Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) has published a new report that provides detailed examination of electricity in Alaska as of 2011. It includes the amount of electricity generated by individual utilities, the type of fuel used for power generation, electric rates and CO2 emission levels. Also included is a section on Alaska’s energy balance. For greater detail about Alaska energy, see Alaska Energy Statistics 1960-2011

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