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Utilities and Rates

Utilities and rates

Montana has 35 retail utility providers:

  • 27 Cooperatives
  • 1 Municipal
  • 4 investor-owned (IOU’s)
  • 2 federal
  • 1 Retail Energy Provider (previously reported as "Power Marketer")

Industrial cost range: 3.10 to 20.77 cents/kWh

Commercial cost range: 2.53 to 19.33 cents/kWh

5 utilities offer “green” pricing programs (The Green Power Network).

CHP Policy and Incentives Development

CHP Policy & Incentives

Clean energy installations in Montana

Sites with clean energy: 19

Total installed megawatts: 113.21

Sample companies and facilities using clean energy:


  • Young Electric
  • Exxon Refinery
  • Eagle Stud Mill, Inc.
  • Smurfit-Stone Container Kraft Liner Board Mill
  • Holly Sugar Corporation (Sidney Sugar Factory)


  • City of Billings Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Billings Deaconess Hospital
  • Army National Guard Reserve Center
  • Basin Electric Compressor Station
  • Montana State University

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